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"Sand Angels" (short story reprint)

Beyond Queer Words:  a collection of short stories June 2020

     *link below to digital version of story (pg. 79)

"Surely Goodness" (short story)

American Fiction Volume 17 by New Rivers Press  2019

"Nelly" (short story)

Tiferet:  Fostering Peace through Literature and Art Spring/Summer 2019

"Flower World" (short story)

New Ohio Review 25 spring 2019

"In the Valley" (flash fiction)

Haunted Waters Press January 2019

     *link to contributing author showcase:


"An Altar of Skins" (short story)

The Tishman Review July 2018


"Sand Angels" (short story)

Saints and Sinners:  New Fiction from the Festival 2018

     *link to anthology:


"Pleasure Dome" (flash fiction)

Out/Cast Literary Journal June 2018

"Fifty Minutes with my Mother's Shrink" (flash fiction)

SHANTIH Literary Journal Summer/Fall 2018

"Walnut Trees in the Front Yard" (poetry)

Chagrin River Review Spring 2018

     *link to poem and dramatic reading


"Trunks" (short story)

Beecher's Magazine Spring 2017 (now LandLocked Magazine)



"Faggot" (short story)

Temenos Journal Spring 2017

     *link to online writer reflection:

Leaves of Lilacs (novel excerpt)

Language Arts Journal of Michigan volume 30 issue 2

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