"Surely Goodness" (short story)

American Fiction Volume 17 by New Rivers Press  2019

"Flower World" (short story)

New Ohio Review 25 forthcoming spring 2019

"In the Valley" (flash fiction)

Haunted Waters Press January 2019

     *link to contributing author showcase:


"An Altar of Skins" (short story)

The Tishman Review July 2018

     *link to pdf of anthology ("An Altar of Skins" is on pg. 11)

"Sand Angels" (short story)

Saints and Sinners:  New Fiction from the Festival 2018

     *link to anthology:


"Pleasure Dome" (flash fiction)

Out/Cast Literary Journal June 2018

"Fifty Minutes with my Mother's Shrink" (flash fiction)

SHANTIH Literary Journal Summer/Fall 2018

"Walnut Trees in the Front Yard" (poetry)

Chagrin River Review Spring 2018

     *link to poem and dramatic reading


"Trunks" (short story)

Beecher's Magazine Spring 2017 (now LandLocked Magazine)



"Faggot" (short story)

Temenos Journal Spring 2017

     *link to online writer reflection:

Leaves of Lilacs (novel excerpt)

Language Arts Journal of Michigan volume 30 issue 2